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42 Dundas St East
Napanee, ON
K7R 1H8

New Age Essentials

We carry earthly treasures from gemstones and crystals to Canadian incense, hand-made dream catchers made in Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory, wind chimes, Himalayan salt products and other natural items.

We have a huge selection of smudging products and tools from simple sage wands (in a large variety of sizes) to special smudging kits and the amazing All Charmed line of smudge sprays.

Smudging is fast becoming a huge component of people’s spiritual lives no matter what background they are from. The benefits of smudging has touched people from all walks of life all around the world. This ancient practice is being rediscovered in our modern lives.

We offer a range of products for balancing your chakras and getting in touch with your spiritual side.

Tarot cards and Oracle decks come in a variety, whether you are just starting out or a pro looking for new inspiring decks we have a great selection and will continue to expand as we find new and interesting Tarot Decks and Oracle cards.


New Age Books are a great way to advance your knowledge, expand into unexplored ideas and practices and develop a deeper practice of your own. We try to keep a good selection of popular authors but our passion is finding well written books that are a little harder to track down, along with classic tomes. If you are looking for a certain book and have had trouble finding it, please let us know and we can help!


Lady Black 613-553-4424


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